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Cinque Terre


London Soca Lovers Meetup
London ( 56 Members )
This is a group made for the lovers of the beautiful music genre Soca We are apart of the UK Soca scene and want to make sure you experience nights to make you wukkup get on bad or even just have a nice lime This will also be a great chance to meet u
Cinque Terre


London Carnival Chasers (22+)
London ( 176 Members )
Love carnival br Solo traveler br Want to play mas Welcome Feting Family How many times have you wanted to do something but had no one to do it with A group for anyone and everyone who wants to travel the world and play mas together Also those who lo
Cinque Terre


Zonto Fitness Classes
London ( 165 Members )
Zonto Fitness is a new dance based fitness class using Afrobeats and Soca music Our classes combine traditional and modern African dance moves in a full body workout that is invigorating and will leave you feeling great We aim to spread Zonto through
Cinque Terre


The Ultimate London Meetup
London ( 1069 Members )
The Ultimate London Meetup is the best meetup group on here Calling those interested in Soca Carnivals Dancehall Reggae Afro beats Afro Cuban music and culture Caribbean food Black films Outdoor adventures and meeting new people I hope to include eve
Cinque Terre


London Weekend Walks
London ( 3693 Members )
Hello Welcome to London Weekend Walks If you re looking for short weekend walks in London approx 2 hours at a steady pace then this group is for you My walks are open to all they are interesting and fun and offer you a chance to socialise with new pe
Cinque Terre


Party Hard Sophisticated Black Nubian Kings and Queens
London ( 10 Members )
Let s talk about raves babyyyy let s talk about you and meee let s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may beee let s talk about Black Nubian raves let s talk about Raves Yuh nouah dem way deh PLEASE READ TO THE END PARTICULARLY TH