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Cinque Terre


Bollywood Musical Evenings (Music, Singing & Dancing)
London ( 215 Members )
This group is for all those Bollywood music fans who love the music dancing and the songs It is to extend the fun and excitement and pure pleasure of the music from just watching on the cinema to anyone loving it to actually being a part of something
Cinque Terre


Zumba Classes
London ( 112 Members )
Zumba Fitness is a Latin inspired cardio dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere While many of the music is Latin American inspired classes contain everything from Bollywood to African Beats to Bruno M
Cinque Terre


Epik Bolly-Boot Camp Monthly Workshop
London ( 380 Members )
https www eventbrite co uk e epika bolly lock bootcamp tickets 52254476546 Love Bollywood Dance Want to learn new techniques foundation moves and unique bollywood fusion choreography Do you want to challenge yourself and be the best Dancer that you c