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Cinque Terre


Hong Kong ( 27 Members )
Work your body to tone lean physique coordination and cardio vascular endurance Join in our Group Exercise Training or have your own Personal Training at Home a OUT an outdoor fitness while exploring Hong Kong dusk at dawn or Late nights for insomnia
Cinque Terre


Hong Kong Zumba Dance Club
Hong Kong ( 1364 Members )
Come join Dee Oh and our family friends at Dee Dream Life to get fit have fun and feel fabulous like you are in a party as we dance to a great variety of rhythms of Latin Hip Hop Bollywood K Pop and more Great music variety ranging from Latin English
Cinque Terre


Zumba Party Lovers Hong Kong - Lets get fit together
Hong Kong ( 954 Members )
Zumba Lovers lets get together to enjoy practice get fit healthy and most important to spread the love of Zumba I believe Zumba has a culture of its own where people come together from every walks of life to enjoy the music the steps and the crazines
Cinque Terre


Bollywood & Fusion Bellydance in Hong Kong
Hong Kong ( 714 Members )
Join Binita Dance for a fun filled hour of Bollywood Dance Binita teaches weekly classes in Bollywood Dance Fusion Bellydance and BollyFit Zumba throughout Hong Kong During each Bollywood class you will learn a fun new choreography to indian music wi
Cinque Terre


Zumba Fitness with Romeo
Hong Kong ( 70 Members )
Interested in switching up your cardio Try Zumba Fitness with Romeo Zumba Fitness is a cardiovascular type of exercise which uses Latin fused dancing and fitness variations No matter what your goal is toning weight loss or building muscle Zumba fitne
Cinque Terre


Hong Kong Dance and Fitness Fun (Zumba.....)
Hong Kong ( 643 Members )
Wanna be an even more fit and more pretty person Zumba can help you burn tons of calories which you may not even notice since having fun You ll see a more healthy and more beautiful you from within Every Zumba class feels like a party You don t need