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Cinque Terre


Come Together Vancouver Club
Vancouver ( 6598 Members )
This is a group for people in Vancouver who want a fun safe multicultural and comfortable environment for practicing English other languages and for participating in events and activities We think it is important for Internationals to connect with Ca
Cinque Terre


Super Zumba ++ Party!
Vancouver ( 171 Members )
You need to have a proper profile picture and real name to join This is an exercise group and please be respectful of one another Everyone is welcome but you have to know you own limitation I am a trained dancer and I use fitness dancing as part of m
Cinque Terre


Lynn Valley - Zumba
North Vancouver ( 82 Members )
Looking for a fun way to work out Come and join the Zumba Dance party every Sunday 5 00 6 00PM Let s break a sweat while we enjoy different types of rhythms and dance styles