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Cinque Terre


Bollywood Dance Class!
Toronto ( 194 Members )
I would like for you to join us for bollywood style dance class every Saturday at 12 00 p m This class will begin with some stretches We will move into learning some bollywood dance moves and then once everyone gets comfortable we will begin dancing
Cinque Terre


Scarborough Dance & Fitness
Scarborough ( 653 Members )
This Group is for those Dance and Fitness enthusiasts in Scarborough who are looking for more individualized dance and fitness instruction that smaller class sizes will provide Also for some of our activities like Latin Dances Salsa Bachata and Kizom
Cinque Terre


Adult and Active Seniors Fitness-Dance Class
Mississauga ( 249 Members )
This group is for Adults and Active Seniors who are looking for a fun way to achieve physical fitness through an invigorating workout without it feeling like work Our certified instructors will guide you through choreography in Zumba Latin Rhythm Hip
Cinque Terre


Making Dance, Fitness & Zumba Moments Matter in Whitby
Whitby ( 116 Members )
This group is designed for anyone interested in Dancing Fitness or Zumba classes within the Durham Region Whether the main interest is to spring into a dance class for the first time polish up previous dance skills or enhance fitness and strength lev