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Cinque Terre


Women's Zumba in the Gardens
Melbourne ( 221 Members )
This is a group for anyone who wants to exercise in a fun way and meet new people Zumba is an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance And don t worry if you ve never tried a dance class before th
Cinque Terre


Melbourne Group Fitness Coaching
Melbourne ( 2371 Members )
Calling for all fitness enthusiasts who love to practice any type of fitness outside of a gym body weight exercises yoga pilates boxing dancing parkour zumba are just a few examples and also love to teach others Each week we ll meet up once and one e
Cinque Terre


Zumba - Salsa - Bachata
Melbourne ( 618 Members )
WE RE ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN Making new friends Discover how to Latin dance with confidence and style in a welcoming and social atmosphere We enjoy what we do so come along and DANCE YOUR SHOES OFF you ll love it and there will be many dance parties th
Cinque Terre


Zumba Laura Melbourne -
Melbourne ( 344 Members )
I m happy to announce the opening of the new Zumba Classes at Carlton North thanks to the kind availability of the Eolian Hall granted by the prestigious Societ Isole Eolie of Melbourne FIRST ZUMBA CLASS br Monday 12th November at 6 50 pm br Address