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Cinque Terre


African Nights & Soukous, Coup├ęD, zouk Dancing in The Valley
Sherman Oaks ( 270 Members )
This meetup group is created to bring together everyone who enjoy dancing to African beats such as Soukous Ndombolo Afro Beats Coup D cal Zouk Kizomba Zouglou We will promote African dancing every month by offering organized workshops of Soukous ever
Cinque Terre


Kizomba Zouk Salsa... Dance Meetup Group in The Valley & L.A
Sherman Oaks ( 418 Members )
This Group is created to bring together positive and mature people interested in KIZOMBA Zouk Bachata Merengue Cumbia TIMBA SALSA Social dancing This Gathering will be a place where everyone can meet and mingle while learning some basic Salsa Bachata
Cinque Terre


Los Angeles (LA) Urban Kiz Kizomba Semba Meetup
Los Angeles ( 744 Members )
This is a MeetUp for all those excited about Urban Kiz Kizomba and Semba in Southern California and around the globe Kizomba a Kimbundu word meaning party is both a style of music and a beautiful partner dance developed in Portuguese speaking Africa