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Cinque Terre


🍁 Toronto Kizomba 🎶 DJ l'onyx 🎧
Toronto ( 48 Members )
Don t know where to dance kizomba in Toronto This group is for you Follow DJ l onyx as she mixes at regular socials and special events in Toronto Her focus is in kizomba semba zouk konpa and urban kiz with a splash of afro house and afro beats If you
Cinque Terre


Kizomba Dancers
North York ( 391 Members )
Gathering people of similar dance interests involving these other styles which will include Kizomba Semba Zouk Most of the members are looking to improve in Kizomba or other Angolian dances it is a small community There will be Lessons Socials Practi
Cinque Terre


Mississauga ( 1125 Members )
Latin pronounced Latin plus is a group for anyone interested in dancing in the west end of the Greater Toronto Area and a little beyond Formerly known as West End Dance Mixers we are the same organizers who manage Latin on Facebook We either create o