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Try Everything Once
London ( 8393 Members )
Try Everything Once a fantastic and worthwile life moto If you are interested in experiencing everything that life has to offer whilst meeting a whole bunch of likeminded people then this group is for you Massage tuition tantra self development works
Cinque Terre


Go Ballroom - all forms of partner dancing in London
London ( 1163 Members )
Dancing with a partner is back in fashion with plenty of opportunities to dance socially during the daytime evenings and on holidays Dancing is a skill and like any other skill you ll need to learn it in order to be able to do it If you think you hav
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Dancing around London
London ( 249 Members )
This group is for anyone who loves to dance and wants to try different dance fitness classes in and around London Whether you think you can hit every beat or not it doesn t matter Calling all abilities all sizes all backgrounds Just bring yourself go
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Tantric Tango UK
London ( 655 Members )
This group is for anyone interested in bringing together the beautiful sensual Argentine tango with the possibilities for exploring connection intimacy and personal growth Some meetups will be for everyone regardless of previous experience in tantra
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Ballroom and Latin Dancing
London ( 90 Members )
This is a group for those interested in ballroom and latin dancing and salsa and Argentine tango Events include tea dances and group lessons in ballroom and latin dancing waltz quickstep foxtrot tango rumba chacha jive samba salsa and Argentine tango
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Argentine Tango classes in London Meetup
London ( 358 Members )
This is a group for anyone who dances or who has always wanted to dance Argentine Tango For those who have always wanted to try we meet every Monday evening for classes and social dancing in Shoreditch
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London Ballroom & Latin Dancing
London ( 52 Members )
Come and learn the joy of Ballroom Latin dancing in London This meet up serves to inform you about the latest courses drop in classes as well as practice sessions on offer You will find courses and lessons for Beginners Improvers as well as at an Int
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Buenos Aires August 2019 Tango Holidays
London ( 46 Members )
Experience the magic of Buenos Aires this summer OPEN TO ALL LEVELS of dancing including beginners and solo travelers couples Trip in August 2019 during the Worldwide Tango Championships There will be a chat to discuss the trip around drinks in Janua
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Speed dance your way to true love!
London ( 160 Members )
This is a group for people who love to dance and want to meet their other half Are you tired of being alone every night and every weekend Do you want to share your life passions and adventures with your other half Well we have the perfect opportunity
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Social Dancers Group Holidays
London ( 169 Members )
Do you love dancing and holidays Do you often want to join a dance holiday or short break but friends families and partners don t want to join you Are you unsure of travelling alone to a dance event Then why not join us in our Social Dancers Group Ho
Cinque Terre


PD London
London ( 156 Members )
PD London is the most recent project of the P Descal o Group Still taking its first steps the new Unit born out of a Brazilian and Portuguese partnership comes to discover the old world and help to strengthen the Forr in Europe This group is for anyo
Cinque Terre


Tango Integral
London ( 308 Members )
We are a group of professional dancers from diverses styles specialized at Argentine Tango We believe that Tango is for everyone as anyone can learn to dance it but also it is the answer to many needs Are you looking for a new dancing style Tango Are
Cinque Terre


London Tango Meetup
London ( 4817 Members )
We are back with full force Join us and learn tango in a fun and relaxed manner Meet new people and get together to some of many tango events in Covent Garden and around town Complete beginners more than welcome No need to bring a partner Neither hig
Cinque Terre


1st Salsa Bachata Friends in London
London ( 3937 Members )
Salsa Bachata Dancing for London Bachata Salsa Lambada Tango Kiizomba Classes what ever you like dancing in London A great way to make friends meet other local Salsa and Bachata dancers regularly to have fun and help each other progress while learnin
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Embrace Tango - London
London ( 298 Members )
Calling all London Tango Lovers This group is dedicated to people who want to learn discover or rediscover improve and enrich their Argentine Tango dancing in a fun and creative way Embrace Tango in an Argentine Tango school in London with passionate
Cinque Terre


It Takes Two to Tango
London ( 307 Members )
This is a group for anyone who is interested in the perfect combination between meeting up fabulous like minded people from all over the world movement and dance shaping up and keeping yourself fit stylish and elegant Exploring the most sensual dance
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Japan Tango Holidays
London ( 18 Members )
If you are dreaming of going to Japan to discover the country and dance tango with a group of other tango lovers this is a unique chance In October we are organising for the 4th year Japango This Meetup will provide opportunities to meet and discuss
Cinque Terre


Tango-Fever Ltd Meetup
London ( 138 Members )
This group is dedicated to everybody who s interested in Dancing and learning how to dance and especially Argentine Tango We love to create environments where Argentine Tango can be studied and enjoyed and build a wonderful Tango community here in Lo
Cinque Terre


The Fabulous Tea Dances London Club (For All Ages)
London ( 530 Members )
This is for dancers seeking out a comprehensive list of tea dances In London We Are Here To Educate People on Tea Dance which Will Fast Become a Dying Art Form What You Will Get is an idea of the venue and type of guests who attend so you can seek ou
Cinque Terre


London Dance and Movement / Sunny Tango Retreat Meetup
London ( 47 Members )
This group is for anyone interested in mixing sea and sun holiday with learning and social dancing the Argentine Tango We will be doing unforgettable excursions to explore the beauty of nature in seductive southern CRETE island in GREECE Eat amazing
Cinque Terre


Learn to dance TANGO, meet new people, socialize!
London ( 172 Members )
TANGO is amazing Join us for a fun weekend course in tango for complete beginners You will learn basics of this wonderful dance a few cool elements and of course socialize have tea and snacks and meet new people We will be a very small group so every
Cinque Terre


London Tango Dancing Meetup
London ( 70 Members )
This is a group for anyone interested in learning and dancing and Tango Looking forward to see you at our Events
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IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO - Enjoy Relationships in London
London ( 604 Members )
This group is for men and women who are in the relationship and are looking for ways to create more excitement joy ad deeper connection with each other This is also for men and women who are single and are searching to re discover themselves and lear
Cinque Terre


London ballroom dance venues
London ( 965 Members )
Here is an on line diary of balls and ballroom dance venues in London for ballroom and Latin dancers who want to meet and dance with other dancers at glamorous London balls and dances Only ballroom dance venues are on this site not lessons or dance s
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Learn Tango London Meetup
London ( 303 Members )
Inclusive and fabulous Tango is a dance that will appeal to all abilities experiences and sensibilities Creatives scientific minds and all those who enjoy socialising will love trying this fascinating dance from Argentina that is sweeping the world i