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San Francisco LGBTQ Salsa Dancing
San Francisco ( 11 Members )
If you re queer in the bay area and you love salsa music dance then you ve found your tribe Welcome to our online clubhouse This is your place to voice your ideas find out about events meet like minded peeps and plot universal domination If there s a
Cinque Terre


Latino Professionals SF
San Francisco ( 433 Members )
Welcome to Latino Professionals on Meetup We are not a Network We are a Community We are a community of Latino Professionals committed to lifelong learning idea exchange and leading while fostering a safe haven of trust respect and integrity for our
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'NorCal Hikers (20s & 30s)'
San Francisco ( 13218 Members )
The Best Things in Life Are Free So Come hang out with us in nature Are you an outdoor enthusiasts looking to Hike Are you in San Francisco Bay Area Or even in San Jose Santa Cruz Come be social New in Town Looking to Meet New People or Friendships 2
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SalsaCrazy's San Francisco Bay Area Salsa Dance Meetup
San Francisco ( 3329 Members )
Meet other local salsa dancers would and should be salsa dancers and everyone out to have a great time enjoying San Francisco Salsa Dance Nightlife Classes and Social Events This is the largest Salsa Meetup in the area and we host some fantastic fun
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San Francisco Live Latin Music/Dance Lessons Meetup
San Francisco ( 1060 Members )
Would like to learn salsa dance listen to great live music and mingle at one of the newest hottest bars in San Francisco Latin Vibe Tuesdays is the answer Located at the 2017 Best New Bar SF Weekly in the city the night starts with an intro salsa dan
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San Francisco Bachata y Mas Meetup
San Francisco ( 278 Members )
This meetup is for people that want to learn how to dance and love to go social dancing in the Bay Area whether it s bachata salsa or kizomba
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Pick Dance Studio Social Dance Classes
San Francisco ( 1083 Members )
Come join Pick Dance Studio in Argentine Tango Salsa American Waltz Night Club and more They are all beginning classes so there is no pressure and aren t any expectations for those who don t have any previous experience After all this is a group desi
Cinque Terre


Silent Disco Dance Party (SF) powered by Quiet Events
San Francisco ( 1416 Members )
Tired of the normal social mixers or loud music dance clubs Want to party and actually talk to people That s what is a Silent Disco is so much fun Join other liked minded fun people and come out for one hell of a party br br How s it work Each person
Cinque Terre


San Francisco / Bay Area Paint Dancing -
San Francisco ( 1415 Members )
Paint Dancing events are created so you can have fun openly expressing yourself in two different mediums AT ONCE That s Right PAINTING and DANCING at the same time And a portion of the proceeds helps support local food banks Watch some Paint Dancing
Cinque Terre


San Francisco Mexican Cooking Meetup
San Francisco ( 27 Members )
Let s get together once every week to learn to cook an authentic Mexican dish This group is for everyone who has always wanted to learn to cook Mexican food or wants to know more recipes We ll meet every week in my home where Silvia who s an expert c
Cinque Terre


SF Caribbean Music Lovers
San Francisco ( 1263 Members )
Salsa Bachata and Merengue Lovers let s unite Let s scope San Francisco for some of the best Salsa scenes and have fun
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Latin Music Concerts and Classes at Community Music Center
San Francisco ( 384 Members )
This is a community for those who love Latin Music Cuban Salsa Tango Percussion etc and are looking for concerts and classes to explore their interests and meet others who share their interests Community Music Center a non profit music school in San
Cinque Terre


Bay Area Dancers Group
San Francisco ( 1878 Members )
This is a group for people that are passionate about dancing in the Bay Area You can be a Salsa dancer really keen on learning Bollywood or you can be a Bollywood dancer keen on learning Salsa This is a place where all dance styles come together and
Cinque Terre


San Francisco Salsa/mambo (iHeartMambo)
San Francisco ( 81 Members )
1 The purpose of the group is to enhance our love of salsa mambo social dancing in San Francisco and the Bay Area 2 Anyone could and can join The group is base of the tenets of friendship music and socialdancing All levels are welcome Organizers are
Cinque Terre


**Mingle with Travelers, Students, Au Pairs & Locals in SF**
San Francisco ( 17322 Members )
Party with Travelers International Students Interns Au Pairs Expats Locals in San Francisco FREE membership just join us for some fun This group is for people who are either living or traveling in the SF Bay area and are looking to have some fun in t
Cinque Terre


Urban & Bay Hikers
San Francisco ( 1763 Members )
Welcome to Urban Bay Hikers We tend to start our hikes later 11am 12noon so you can get a few errands done have a cup of tea or just sleep in Come explore the wonders of the entire Bay Area both Urban hiking adventures and Hikes through the incredibl
Cinque Terre


SITC ▪ Singles in the City ▪ Born 1960>1979
San Francisco ( 1961 Members )
Our events are for all us singles who want to GET OUT and have some FUN Not that we don t love our couple friends too but they always have to leave early or can t come at all because of the kids the house etc This group is for those of us who have mo
Cinque Terre


Oakland Salsa Dance Lessons Meetup
Oakland ( 210 Members )
Lead follow workshop 4 week session one hour each session Learn technique not muscle to communicate to your Salsa partner Frame the slot connection and the division of 8 beats in the music will be covered in the 4 week session 75 Please register w Ja
Cinque Terre


Salsa Bachata Kizomba Classes & Dancing!
Emeryville ( 739 Members )
This is a Huge venue with hundreds of people every Sunday on 3rd Saturdays there is a live Band Come join us Let s get together for an amazing night of dance lessons with top instructors and a fantastic night of Dancing SUNDAYS Lessons 6pm Beginning
Cinque Terre


Salsa with Juan Community
Oakland ( 1186 Members )
This meetup is for people who want to meet other like minded individuals that want to dance learn to dance meet and make new friends Outings to clubs trips locally nationally and internationally you don t have to do them all but you can and in the pr
Cinque Terre


Emeryville ( 3919 Members )
We meetup at Salsa Dance Classes Paties Clubs and Special events ALL LEVELS of dancers are a part of this group We are focused on the East Bay but also occasionally meetup at events in San Francisco the South Bay and the North Bay as well Dancing soc
Cinque Terre


John and Liz Productions Group
Alameda ( 76 Members )
John and Liz are world salsa champions and acclaimed dance instructors They are known for their hypnotic performances marked by high levels of grace speed and technical difficulty They are equally acknowledged for their ability to provide fresh acces
Cinque Terre


Girlfriend's Social Club
Alameda ( 1984 Members )
So many women who say they don t have real girlfriends or they just go from work to home It is scientifically proven that people who laugh and have fun live longer The older you get the harder it seems to meet women with similar interest who can be y
Cinque Terre


Salsa Rica
Richmond ( 15 Members )
Somos un grupo de amigos que nos reunimos para escuchar y bailar salsa estilo romantico sensul Franky Ruiz Marc Anthony Maelo Ruiz Grupo Niche etc Nos entretenemos y divertirnos escuchando la musica salsa romantica y bailando en fiestas de casa salie
Cinque Terre


Cajun Zydeco NorCal
Berkeley ( 118 Members )
Cajun Zydeco music and dancing br Open to all adults interested in Cajun Zydeco events Northern California is the epicenter of the biggest Cajun Zydeco music scene this side of the Cajun swamps br Don t know the steps Don t fret the dancing is less r