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Cinque Terre


Montreal Salsa & Social Dance Events
Montréal ( 3829 Members )
Those who have a passion for dance especially Salsa Bachata and Merengue Great Latin beats beginners to intermediate lessons shows parties and fun
Cinque Terre


Social Singles Adventures
Montréal ( 5396 Members )
Welcome to Social Singles Adventures Feel a little daring How about sky diving lessons Rock Climbing For those who are more attuned to keeping their feet firmly planted on land we ve got everything from Salsa and Swing Dancing to those wonderful cook
Cinque Terre


Salsa & Bachata Dance classes & events meetup
Montréal ( 6101 Members )
COURS de SALSA et BACHATA Group for those who want to learn and who like Bachata Salsa Follow us on Facebook for more informations events advice video and more http on fb me 1pt99lP Bachata Salsa introduction classes each Saturday from 7 to 9 pm Orga
Cinque Terre


Hip Hop| Afrobeat | Dancehall | Baladi | Samba | Jazz & more
Montréal ( 1550 Members )
If you re interested in dancing learning new dance styles and meeting people Studios Accento is the place to meet up It s a new dance studio that just opened in Little Italy 6889 St Laurent 2nd floor metro Castelneau or Jean Talon and offers a wide v
Cinque Terre


Fun times for lovers of Latin dance and music!
Montréal ( 5020 Members )
This is a group for all lovers of LATIN dance music SALSA BACHATA MERENGUE CUBANA RUEDA FANIA KIZOMBA TIMBA REGGAETON We will promote different Latin events in Montreal and invite you to join in the FUN Nous sommes un groupe pour les amateurs de musi
Cinque Terre


Montréal's Healthy Active Lifestyle Expo
Montréal ( 3657 Members )
HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLE EXPO This event is for the entire family Come have fun and learn more about the different ways to entertain yourself and have fun while being active and learning about Nutrition and Wellness Throughout the weekend you will ha
Cinque Terre


We are the Ducklings! Sexy but safe events in Montreal area
Montréal ( 168 Members )
Clinical Sex and Relationship Therapist Sue McGarvie Sex with Sue com and her husband Blaik Spratt started this group called the Ducklings out of local sex and relationship workshops over the last few years We are the Ducklings a safe community of pe
Cinque Terre


Montréal Salsa, Bachata, Social Dance Events & Dance Classes
Montréal ( 2229 Members )
If you re looking to meet new people learn how to dance Salsa Bachata and other dance styles and have a great time while getting fit and healthy then Studios Accento is the place to meet up It s a new dance studio that just opened in Little Italy 688
Cinque Terre


Singles: Learn to danse Salsa & Bachata + Practice Night
Montréal ( 2025 Members )
Want a new and original way to meet other singles Why not through dancing It s a fun and easy way to encounter new people make new friends and possibly make a perfect match Learn to dance Salsa and Bachata in a fun and relaxed atmosphere Enjoy the cl