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Cinque Terre


Abu Dhabi ( 516 Members )
If you can walk you can dance This group is for you Dancers melomaniacs and anyone interested in salsa bachata tango cuban salsa kizomba ballet hiphop reggaeton bellydance and any worldwide rhythms join us enjoy and learn with classes social gatherin
Cinque Terre


Abu Dhabi Bellydance Workshops Meetup
Abu Dhabi ( 137 Members )
Bellydance workshops for Ladies open level 14 09 2018 Friday 12 00 pm 2 30 pm Baladi style Raqs Baladi belly dance style is a rural folk tradition music with common Middle Eastern rhythms The word Baladi means native of the country rustic Baladi is a
Cinque Terre


Abu Dhabi Dancing and Exercising to Amazing Music Meetup
Abu Dhabi ( 1693 Members )
It s my greatest pleasure to invite you for my dance classes Bellydance and Bellyton These classes are for ladies of all dance levels Even if you have no dance experience and are looking for a fun way to stay in shape feel free to give this a try Jus
Cinque Terre


Abu Dhabi ( 572 Members )
Welcome Abu Dhabi If you have never danced before but want and are willing to try something new why not try us our aim is to help you dance and work your way to a fitter better more confident you For our Latin Dance Schedule please look on our sister