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Cinque Terre


African Nights & Soukous, Coup├ęD, zouk Dancing in The Valley
Sherman Oaks ( 270 Members )
This meetup group is created to bring together everyone who enjoy dancing to African beats such as Soukous Ndombolo Afro Beats Coup D cal Zouk Kizomba Zouglou We will promote African dancing every month by offering organized workshops of Soukous ever
Cinque Terre


Kizomba Zouk Salsa... Dance Meetup Group in The Valley & L.A
Sherman Oaks ( 418 Members )
This Group is created to bring together positive and mature people interested in KIZOMBA Zouk Bachata Merengue Cumbia TIMBA SALSA Social dancing This Gathering will be a place where everyone can meet and mingle while learning some basic Salsa Bachata
Cinque Terre


Los Angeles (LA) Urban Kiz Kizomba Semba Meetup
Los Angeles ( 744 Members )
This is a MeetUp for all those excited about Urban Kiz Kizomba and Semba in Southern California and around the globe Kizomba a Kimbundu word meaning party is both a style of music and a beautiful partner dance developed in Portuguese speaking Africa
Cinque Terre


Latin Dance Lovers Club
Woodland Hills ( 50 Members )
Do you love dancing Are you ready to push your boundaries to try something new or just simply exploring a new hobby that is both good for the body and the mind We are offering fun latin dance classes for you Every Thursday a beginners Kizomba class a
Cinque Terre


Los Angeles Urban Kizomba and Sensual Bachata dancers
Los Angeles ( 144 Members )
Do you love music Love to dance Love Urban Kizomba Love Sensual Bachata Love Connecting with your partner Love learning Want to improve Want to practice Want to be part of a community Then this is the group for you Look forward to meeting you
Cinque Terre


Kiz Progressive (Kizomba Social Dance Class)
Santa Ana ( 36 Members )
Come learn the dance Kizomba in a fun and friendly atmosphere Anyone can join No dance experience and no dance partner is necessary This class is thaught by Yaya Each week we ll cover foundations of Kizomba and teach new patterns We ll break them dow