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Cinque Terre


Kizomba Detroit District
Detroit ( 147 Members )
This is a meetup group for anyone who wants to be part of a growing community of positive energy connection great music and dancing based on what kizomba and semba is There are weekly classes available for Kizomba tied into Semba There are also socia
Cinque Terre


Kizomba Tá Doce
Detroit ( 160 Members )
If you are interested in learning Kizomba or practicing your current skills this is the group to follow in Metro Detroit Also find us on Facebook https www facebook com kizombatadoce Instagram https www instagram com kizombatadoce We look forward to
Cinque Terre


YA Salsa Meetup
Farmington ( 1883 Members )
Are you ready to become a part ofthe hottest Dance Salsa Latin ChaCha Bachatta Cumbia Merangae Rumba Bolero Disco Tango Ballroom scene in Mid America We love Salsa we love the kinds of people it brings together and we love getting people hooked into