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Cinque Terre


San Diego ( 680 Members )
Welcome to our Dance Family Are you looking for a new activity where you can combine exercise with meeting new people Try Swing dancing The San Diego Dancers Meetup offers you the opportunity to meet new people both singles and married couples who sh
Cinque Terre


Escondido Dancers
San Diego ( 168 Members )
Dance Classes taught at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido in Studio 4 340 N Escondido blvd 7 8pm Beginning Ballroom Waltz Foxtrot Tango 8 9pm Beginning Latin and Nightclub Swing Salsa Hustle Cha first time free then from 5 to 10 per cla
Cinque Terre


San Diego Dance Class for Singles
San Diego ( 3018 Members )
This is a dance class especially for San Diegan single people who like to Dance Instructor Dan Gibbons has been teaching Ballroom Latin and Swing for over 20 years his lighthearted approach makes learning to dance and making new friends fun and easy
Cinque Terre


Latin Ballroom ,Swing, Dance Fitness Social Dancing and more
San Diego ( 845 Members )
The San Diego Social Dancing Class Meet Up is a group of warm and friendly people who like to dance or like to learn how to dance We meet regularly every week to learn new dances and new steps There is Cha Cha Cha Rumba Samba Jive and others We are t
Cinque Terre


San Diego Couples Dance Class
San Diego ( 622 Members )
This is a dance class especially for couples Usually in dance class partners rotate but sometimes couples understandably like to stay together This class is for you The Class is taught by instructor Dan Gibbons with over 20 years of experience teachi
Cinque Terre


San Diego Regency English Country Dancers
San Diego ( 18 Members )
A formal Regency Ball will be held on Sat 09 22 18 in the Balboa Park Club ballroom If you do not have the ballgowns tailcoats gloves petticoats shoes or masks or want some new ones there will be plenty of vendors from the San Diego Costume Guild and
Cinque Terre


San Diego Social Dancing
San Diego ( 1226 Members )
Calling all social dancers who want to find other dancing friends in San Diego This meetup will feature information on all different styles types of social dance venues including ballroom swing tango salsa Bachata Latin Hustle West Coast swing and mo
Cinque Terre


Free Spirit in a Conventional World & The Issue of Belonging
San Diego ( 10 Members )
Unconventionality Truly free spirits Living outside consensual reality Having internal rather than external authority And Belonging An ensuing key issue for everybody who has long left the beaten track Conventions provide a sense of belonging but wha
Cinque Terre


Balboa Park Dancers Ballroom Dance Club
San Diego ( 1755 Members )
For over 40 years the Balboa Park Dancers meet weekly on Friday and Sunday nights at the historic Balboa Park Club in Balboa Park We provide an inspiring environment and huge hardwood dance floor for learning and improving dance skills Couples and th
Cinque Terre


Ballroom Dancing San Diego
San Diego ( 67 Members )
This is a group for people looking to have fun meet people learn to dance a wide variety of partner dances and get or keep fit while dancing You can have a one on one lesson with one of our many super knowledgeable Personal Trainers take a Group Clas
Cinque Terre


International Dancers Meetup
San Diego ( 62 Members )
Interested in learning International dances from over 2 dozen countries Come to our International Dance Classes held every Mon Tue Wed evenings from 7 9 pm in Balboa Park Plus on Wed evenings if you desire you could join our International Dance Group
Cinque Terre


San Diego Performing Arts Classes Kids and Adults Meetup
San Diego ( 49 Members )
This is a group for adults and kids interested in studying Performing Arts and Fitness Classes in Acting Singing and Dance include Ballet Jazz Tap Ballroom and Latin HIIT Yoga and Pilates Mat Private Coaching Special Events Audition Prep and Performa
Cinque Terre


North County Zumba & Latin Dance
Encinitas ( 1212 Members )
This Meetup Group is for anyone who is looking for a fun social activity and a high degree of fitness Using fun motivating music and creative easy to learn choreographies we make sure everyone leaves our Zumba classes wearing big smiles and dripping
Cinque Terre


Dancing for life in San Diego
Carlsbad ( 264 Members )
This is a group for all levels of ballroom dancers From young beginners who are looking to learn to those looking for places to burn up the floors wherever they go We are passionate about dancing and foster those who want to LEARN We get moving to al
Cinque Terre


North County Dancing Friends
Carlsbad ( 211 Members )
We are a fun group who go out dancing and take lessons together in North County San Diego Do you love to Social Dance Are you interested in learning to dance better We are interested in both Partner and Freestyle Dancing to Latin Swing Ballroom Count
Cinque Terre


Temecula Valley Ballroom Dance Club
Temecula ( 565 Members )
If you ve ever wanted to learn how to dance the flirtatious and beautiful movements of Ballroom and Latin Dance with full of passion and energy then this meetup is for you From lessons to social dances I ve created this group to bring together a comm
Cinque Terre


LGBTQ+ Equality Social Dance Class
Tustin ( 157 Members )
Beginners social dancing group class where ANYONE can lead or follow Come and make new friends whilst learning a fabulous skill Chase across the Ballroom with a beautiful Waltz a cheeky Cha Cha or a sensual Rumba and Bachata Open to all LGBTQ and the
Cinque Terre


Salsa & Latin Dance Lessons w/John Lopez
Santa Ana ( 294 Members )
This is a group for those interested in dancing made easy reduce your stress make new friends lose wieght I started this group so people with little to no experience could learn to dance in a short time I have been teaching over 25 years certified th