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Cinque Terre


Latin Rock
Hong Kong ( 150 Members )
Tone yourself up with the competitive LATIN American dance Chachacha Rumba Samba Jive Specializing in Latin American Dance the instructor Estella has been the champions in couple solo and formation dance in both Hong Kong and overseas since 2013 br T
Cinque Terre


AllSingles AllMingles
Hong Kong ( 274 Members )
The purpose of this Meetup is to let Singles have an opportunity to meeting each other to expanding their circle of friends Also we emphasised that we should avoid one s title nationality income education to make friends from the heart be friendly an
Cinque Terre


Hong Kong ( 348 Members )
Do you wanna dance like a dancer 1 Are you that kind of person that was once in a dance party and felt intimidated because everyone was dancing but not you 2 Have you hesitated to ask someone for a dance 3 You know how to dance but you wonder why pro
Cinque Terre


Argentine Tango in Hong Kong 香港阿根廷探戈
Hong Kong ( 972 Members )
What is Argentine Tango Argentine Tango is a dance born in the poor and low class establishments in the Rio de Plata region of South America as a mixture of different music and dance cultures as a result of an influx of immigrants in that area in the