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Cinque Terre


Brisbane Queer Dance
Brisbane ( 131 Members )
This is a Dance Group catered for the Queer Community Gay Lesbian Trans etc and anyone who is queer friendly are welcome In our events it s Okay if same sex partner dancing together guys partner dancing with guys and girls with girls or in any of the
Cinque Terre


20’s and 30’s Dance Course
Brisbane ( 1239 Members )
Never danced No problem If you can t dance but would like to learn or at least give it a go we re here for you We will teach you the fundamentals of partner dancing and will give you the opportunity to connect with other like minded people MJ is the
Cinque Terre


Ceroc Dancing in Brisbane Meetup
Brisbane ( 366 Members )
This group is for people of all ages who wants to feel confident on the dance floor in social situations We have been introducing complete beginners to the world of partner dancing in Brisbane since 1991 because we make learning to dance fun easy and