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Cinque Terre


ExperimentL ACulture
Los Angeles ( 845 Members )
We ll find the avant garde or classic performance time and place You buy the ticket For the connoisseur and newbee to experience something strange and beautiful Los Angeles is home and host to many avant garde performances and cultural events Take a
Cinque Terre


Burbank Flamenco Class Meetup
Burbank ( 300 Members )
This is a group for anyone interested in having fun learning to dance flamenco Flamenco is a dance form filled with rhythm energy beauty and grace Come join us and meet others who are interested in learning flamenco Let s develop your personal style
Cinque Terre


LA Dance Performance Fans
Santa Monica ( 690 Members )
This group is for all those who love to attend dance performances whether ballet or modern flamenco or hip hop traditional or experimental Your organizers will post as many events as possible as long as someone either one of us or any member agrees t
Cinque Terre


Singing Playing Acoustic Music Jammers
Sunland ( 596 Members )
We are Musicians who want to jam with acoustic instruments for fun The main jam for this group occurs in Sunland CA Welcome I m Nora the leader of this group and whose home the jams are held and who pays for this Meetup I look forward to meeting you
Cinque Terre


Flamenco Lovers Meetup Group
Alhambra ( 59 Members )
This is a group for those who love anything flamenco So if you love to attend shows take dance classes shop purchase new and used shoes or costumes or just want to come and hang out at a flamenco party juerga then this group is for you We just love t
Cinque Terre


American Tribal Style (ATS) Belly Dance in Oxnard
Oxnard ( 111 Members )
American Tribal Style ATS belly dance is the most elaborate game of follow the leader you ll ever find for belly dance Groups of 2 3 or 4 dancers work together to create a fully improvised and synchronized dance together from a set of fundamental mov
Cinque Terre


Ventura County Classical Music Lovers
Oxnard ( 92 Members )
I ve been a fan of classical music since before I was a teenager And in Ventura County we have many opportunities to enjoy classical music live and on the big screen The New West Symphony The Metropolitan Opera at The Collection and various specials
Cinque Terre


Ventura County Active Seniors
Oxnard ( 1182 Members )
We re a meetup for over 50 active seniors We walk and hike every week there is a start the week off right walk every Monday generally at either Seabridge or Marine Emporium Landing in Oxnard and at least one longer hike generally in the 5 to 7 mile r