Conditioning Class for Ballroom Dance

Casselberry, United States
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This is a drop in/drop out weekly group class that is focused on building the form, flexibility, balance, and body awareness of the individual dancer. (note- this is NOT a partnering class)

Each week the class will go through a guided stretch routine, body isolations, balance exercises, breathing, and movement principles. You will condition and educate you and your body for fuller, richer ballroom dance experiences, while helping you become a more enjoyable dance partner for any one at any level. 

The routines and exercises will both relax and challenge you as you feel yourself become more connected, more efficient, more controlled, and more musical with your movements. Be prepared to sweat!

Things to bring:  I do NOT recommend shoes, but rather socks, jazz flats, or hospital style slippers with the grips on them. You may want to bring a towel or Yoga mat for floor exercises. Water is recommended as well. Wear Comfortable clothes that are easy to move and stretch in. 

Also - Always bring smiles, an open heart, and a willingness to be silly and laugh at yourself to each class!

Class is in the clubhouse at the Woman's Club of Casselberry at 251 Overbrook Dr., Casselberry


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