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Welcome and namaste:

You're an upward moving and thinking individual who knows that you need,and desire to better your well-being, and what better way than to do this alongside of others that think just like you. <br>

Enjoy, and reap the multitude of benefits that Yoga, Pilates, or Zumba can offer: Strengthen the core and posture with mat Pilates, sweat and work the heart while you learn some hot dance moves in Zumba, or discover what the 5000 year old secrets are about yoga that have withheld the test of time, and blissfully restore your mind, body and soul.

Physically, Yoga, Pilates and dance allows for gains in strength, flexibility, stamina and balance. <br>

Practicing yoga with a trained certified instructor allows the practitioner to gain better perspective between their mind-body connection, releasing stress, and possibly even becoming more effective in all other aspects of life. That's what we call "taking your practice off the mat, and into your life! <br>

For more info please :

-Call 718-505-YOGA (9642) <br>

-Visit our site at <br>

-Find us on Facbook at Mimi For Me Yoga

Also available for Corporate, Privates, or small groups . <br>

A schedule of Mimi's classes is posted on the official site at


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