Westchester Tango Club

New Rochelle, United States
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We are a versatile group of dedicated people who know how to "really" have fun dancing and get the most out of our time spent together. We just give it all and enjoy feeling the connection, passion and conversation of tango and Latin dance. Our goal is to keep learning the most effective methods available to achieve the quality in our movement that is dynamic but also natural. That is why we meet regularly: first, of course, to have fun while we learn how to be more graceful, refine our talents, achieve our goals and master the rules of lead and follow; and second - to share our passion for great music and sassy dancing!! 

What else is this group about?? We love outings to see the best shows; produce or attend events that feature live music and/or dance; and some of us like to travel once a year together to Spain, Buenos Aires, or other parts of Latin America.

Join us and and you'll experience an automatic boost of self-confidence, joy, sense of style and lots of inspiration - and the power that comes from the realization that you can also do it!!

 It would be my honor to guide and assist you in achieving your dancing goals. I'm committed to using my 20 years of experience as a dance instructor so you can be at your best in every step you'll take along the way...

Our group of dancing friends come from many other groups and places, our actual attendance numbers will always be much higher then indicated on our Meetup events. :)

 All levels welcome!  No partner needed.


 Mayte Vicens

 Executive/ Artistic Director

 Mayte Vicens Dance Theater




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