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Phoenix, United States
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We are a  family of friends doing social get to gathers such as, happy hours, dining, dancing ,3 times  a week am coffee socials, karaoke, concerts,   monthly breakfasts, clean comedy shows,  & what ever events are going on in the valley, we try to have lots of variety, hopefully this is the group for you . Our events take place usually in east & central Phoenix, central & sometimes north Scottsdale , sometimes we go where the event is. We invite all fun lovers. Brought to you by Sherry the energizer organizer , I invite you to tell me what you like to do  so sometimes we can put it on the calendar  &  you can host an event This group runs on  a fee of $10 a yr  to help pay membership dues to Meetup & expenses, you can try us out for 30 days before dues are due. You can also sponsor us with your business, that means you are listed as our sponsor with a full description of you products & services as well as an email sent to all members. Another reason to join our club, studies have shown that being socially and mentally engaged may play a protective role in brain health. . 

We require a picture preferably a face shot ,  recognizable.,so we can find you at events

There are  guidelines for this club in order to respect our hosts  members, important to cancel a reservation if your plans have changed especially it it's at a restaurant, after  3 no shows  membership is cancelled, but we hope that never happens & thank you for your cooperation.  

Now start living it up, & ignite your passion for fun!

This group is where happy happens

Always better together!


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