1st Salsa Bachata Friends in London

London, United Kingdom
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Salsa  Bachata Dancing for London.

Bachata, Salsa, Lambada, Tango, Kiizomba, Classes, what ever you like dancing in London.

A great way to make friends, meet other local Salsa and Bachata  dancers regularly to have fun and help each other progress while learning!

Salsa and Bachata dancing is a wonderful social activity and can develop good poise and self-confidence. It is also great way to keep-fit.

Come along and join in from total beginners to advanced dance classes at different venues,

No previous experience or partner required for salsa lessons,

2 left feet very welcome.

It's not about how good you dance,

it's about meeting new people in London whilst having fun.

New to London,

no problem, you can attend alone most members will be doing just this.

Many of us feel uncomfortable about going to new places by ourselves.

I really would like to reassure you that it is ok to attend a salsa or Bachata events by yourself,

in fact it is a positive advantage! After all,

you are there to meet new people and probably will be dancing the most of the evening.

In addition to this,

from the moment you arrive,

you will be introduced to other members of Salsa Fans meetup group.

"meet and greet" would you like to come to our events but friends are to busy or don't have the same interests as you. Don't miss out email or text 07812714403 and I will arrange to meet you before the meetup events starts.

There will be regular meet ups every week and if you know of any new places or would like a meetup closer to you, please email with details.




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