Las Vegas Overweight Hikers for Health

Las Vegas, United States
3762 Members

Want to lose weight? Like the outdoors (Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston)? Interested in hiking but unable to keep up with other hikers due to weight or health? Do you like nature and taking pictures of it? Want to lose weight doing fun activities without completely giving up your eating and drinking lifestyle? Need a little support, boost or motivation to get you moving? Then THIS group is for us!!! I am 53 years old and gained 130 pounds from 2008-2013 and it needed to stop! I used to love hiking but was too embarrassed to join healthy groups since I knew I would slow them down. I believed a support group of people in my situation would really help to get out there and on the road to an active lifestyle involving fitness and weight loss.

AFTER 4 YEARS: What an amazing group! I have seen so much of nature, and made so many friends, that this has become the best thing in my life! We are changing lives now--can we change yours???


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