The Manhattan Ballroom & Latin Dance Meetup Group

New York, United States
638 Members

We are a new group for those folks who love partner dancing. Even though we include experienced dancers, we really welcome NEWCOMERS to partner dance.

We are singles and couples who really groove on the idea of "moving as one" on the dance floor and want to share this interest with everyone. Our events will be Fun, Social, and Musical. We'll go out Dancing, go see Dance Movies & Performances, talk about Dancing, live to Dance and Dance to Live!

We like all the dances we're learning and are open to discovering some new ones! We like Salsa, Waltz, Rumba, Foxtrot, Hustle, Chacha, Argentine Tango, EC Swing, WC Swing & Merengue.

Let's celebrate life with movin' and groovin' dance events every month. Meet your fellow dancers, make new friends, smile and laugh.

As your host, Cindi Sasaki, I will keep the music and movement flowing and FUN!
See you on the Dance Floor.


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