SF Babel: International Language & Culture Exchange

San Francisco, United States
2768 Members

Welcome! We’re a friendly language and culture exchange group in San Francisco. People from around the world (and locals too!) have joined us since 2013 to make real friends, practice speaking languages, share their culture, and have fun together. People in our group are 50% native English speakers, and 50% people from other countries (students, au pairs, travelers, expats, etc.)

SF Babel has two great meetings every week, and that’s just the start! We have picnics, hikes, dancing, dinners, day trips, and so on. Our main mission is to create chances for internationals to share positive experiences and connect in a comfortable way. Our usual events attract from 30 – 100 participants.

Everybody is here to meet new people, so don't be afraid to come alone. Once you join our group, you'll become our friend! We’ll warmly introduce you to the other members and you’ll forget your shyness.

We wish for all members to have a safe and comfortable experience. Rude, disrespectful, sexual harassment, or inappropriate behavior is not tolerated. If you experience a problem, please tell us!


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