Biodanza Class with Anastasia. Dance, Joy, Hope, Love, Peace

Cork, Ireland
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I am a newly qualified Biodanza Teacher and I'd love to meet up with people interested in the capacity of Music, Movement and Emotion to lead us into our instinctive capacity for Health and Happiness.

Biodanza opens the possibility for strengthening each person's unique Identity and sense of self and also nurtures the ability of each person to connect with others and with all of humanity.

Rolando Toro the creator of Biodanza believed that we all have a healthy instinctive self which is often inhibited by the activity of the cerebral cortex.

Biodanza seeks to restore a healthy balance between our more ancient brain the hypothalamus which regulates our breathing, temperature, appetite, sleep.....and the cerebral cortex which has the capacity for language, socialisation and inhibition of instincts.

It is true that life would be chaotic if we lived entirely by instinct but it is equally true that many of us are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually suffering because we no longer honour our instinctive need for rest, for food, for affection..... In fact Rolando taught that our whole culture the whole of humanity can become sick when we fail to listen to our instincts.

Biodanza seeks to restore this balance through the use of specific music and movement to help us access our emotions which are from the instinctive emotional centre of the brain. Dancing is fun,vital and interactive and gives creates a safe and nurturing, gentle space for each person to grow in health and happiness.

Biodanza is the dance of life! Its about living from our instinct for life and love starting in the class but flowing into daily life! Look forward to dancing with you soon! Ana Bermingam-Doran.


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