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Zumba Lovers lets get together to enjoy, practice, get fit & healthy and most important to spread the love of Zumba.

I believe Zumba has a culture of its own where people come together from every walks of life

    to enjoy the music, the steps and the craziness

    to stay open, happy, accommodating, healthy and fit

    to be able to wear bright neon color clothing (yeah!)

    to feel like a teenager again and always

    are people who enjoys life or is beginning to

    are someone who is always active and busy (you will be if you join)

    are people who is less stressful (unless they can't get to class)

    Sleeps better at night

    and lastly lots younger than their age

Lets make the people of this city realize there is still love, there is still joy in face to face interactions, there is kindness and being healthy can be all of these added together and more. Lets come together not only to enjoy the wonderful Latin dance workout but to spread the happiness of it to uplift HKs' stressful lifestyle and most importantly to spread the joy of being healthy (Psychically and emotionally) .

Zumba is a Latin inspired dance workout program enjoyed by millions around the world. It incorporate Salsa, Merengue, reggaton, Bollywood, belly dance, tango, cumbia and many many more styles of dance.

It is simple, sexy, crazy, fun and you will get a great Cardio workout all the while feels like your partying. Getting fit can now mean having fun too!


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