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This meetup group is for anyone in the Delaware Valley who is interested in supplementing their existing formal dance training and lessons by practicing and training with others seeking to improve their Salsa and Latin dance skills. The purpose and rational for the group is to provide a forum and means to bring together people to practice rehearse and experiment with movements and routines learned in formal training and lessons which are not appropriate to try in social dance settings. This also provides a "bridge" for learning between and outside of formal lessons and provides an opportunity for more flexibility for experimentation outside of the social dance setting. The format of the events will "Not" include formal lessons and instructions as the purpose is to bring together people to share and practice together in their own pace and comfort. However, we have a YouTube Channel that we will use as a reference and resource for practice:

Also, we will have special workshops and promotions from time to time. There will be no DJ, but music will be provided playing in the background. Participants are encouraged to bring their own routines and having a sense of things and objectives to work.  Members are encouraged to communicate with each other about the things you want to work on and pre-arrange and coordinate activities before each group event. You can choose to work alone with your partner or invite others to participate in what you are working on.

Follow us on our YouTube Channel for the latest updates on instucttional tips:

As a value added bonus, seminars and workshops will be held on Posture, Balance, and Flexibility, all of which are necssary to condition and prepare the body for efficient dancing.

When possible, a Posture, Blance, or flexibility tip and/or exercise wil be included in the practice sessions.


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