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Afro-Colombian Shamanic Rhythms will explore the magical and ancestral sounds that travelled across the sea, mountains and rivers from Africa to Colombia and all over Latin America. The grief and sorrow of the african slaves melted with lament of the native americans. Thus, the African drums and Indigenous flutes were forever married to give birth to the Cumbia, Mapale, Puya, Bullerengue and Currulao among other Rhythms.


These beautiful sounds that sailed on the waters of time bring us memories of the past, and richness of our heritage.

We are seeking to rescue the Shamanic elements in our culture and heritage, creating a space for spiritual expansion, uplifting, healing and bonding experience for all.


We are all drummers by nature. Our heart is the most accurate drum! and we will be connecting to the heart beats, gradually increasing its pace through the drumming journeying and reconnecting to our consciousness.

This Group is part of the Music For Life Project: The objective of the group is to promote, protect and preserve our cultural heritage. We ensure that all ethnic minorities from a range of communities regardless of location have access to the provision of educational and arts activities. project



Afro-Colombian Shamanic Rhythms

is a part of One Love Tribal MEGA Gathering ~ Akasha Wacha:



Workshops will cover drumming, maracas, marimba techniques and also for the first time in the UK participants will learn to play the kuisi bunsi and the kuisi sigi (colombian gaitas). We welcome people from all walks of life :-) :-)

In our drumming circle you will do:

  • Call and response

  • Search for your natural beat

  • Group drumming interaction

  • Learn hand techniques for the Alegre (Joyful or female drum)

  • Tambora/bombo techniques

  • Maracas/Guasa/guache techniques

  • Gaitas: Female and Male

  • Marimba

and remember not previous experience is needed!!!!

Let the drumming begin!!!



CUMBIA (atlantic coast):

Cumbia is a Colombian music genre popular throughout Hispanic America.

The Cumbia originated in Colombia's Caribbean coastal region, from the musical and cultural fusion of Native Colombians, slaves brought from Africa, and the Spanish during colonial times in the old country of Pocabuy, which is located in Colombia's Momposina Depression.

Cumbia began as a courtship dance practiced among the African population, which was later mixed with European instruments and musical characteristics. Cumbia is very popular in the Andean region and the Southern Cone, and it's still more popular than the salsa in many parts of thes


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