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We are a group of fun loving tangueros coming together to grow the community of Argentine Tango dancers in Singapore.

Most of us have been to Buenos Aires many times and trained under some of the best teachers since 2008.

Coming from different dance training, we are able to share various dance techniques essential for improving your tango.

We meet up regularly to practice, dance or just chill out !! Frequent dinner gatherings, organizing Tea Milongas or overseas trips for dance festivals.

Dancing makes you smarter !

Argentine tango is a partner dance that teaches you how to communicate non verbally while moving to the music.

Learning tango will help you develop better body awareness and control, improve your posture and flexibility. No partner necessary, come as you are :)

As a fully improvised social dance, tango also makes you smarter, that's why it is known as the "chess of social dancing!"

Tango is also fun as it gives you a chance to meet new people and spend your evenings being active, and in a positive social environment in Singapore or in any part of the world where tango is available :)


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