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Alameda, United States
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So many women who say they don't have real girlfriends or they just go from work to home. It is scientifically proven that people who laugh and have fun live longer. The older you get the harder it seems to meet women with similar interest who can be your "Girlfriends". So let's live Ladies! This group is all about doing the things we love and meeting new girlfriends in the process:

Reasons to Join the Group:

1. If you are looking to meet women with solid foundation who have similar interest

2. If you like to socialize,try new things and meet people in the mean time

3. I you are looking to meet real women minus the drama

4. If you love to have fun!


If you have a zeal for life, enthusiastic spirit, outgoing or shy, the G.S.C is for you.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

~ Taste bud Excitement: Restaurants/Dining/Wine Tasting

~ The Great Outdoors: Street Fairs/Walks/Hiking/Concerts

~ 4 the Kid in You: Ceramics/Bowling/Skating

~ Look Great: Fitness Excursions/Spa Day/Pampering

~ Feel Great: Dancing/Salsa Class/Comedy Shows

The possibilities are endless...

your suggestions are important so "PLEASE" add all details in the suggestion box


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