West Coast Swing Dancing Lessons & Parties in Norwalk, CT

Norwalk, United States
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Come out and start doing the dance that has been on So You Think You Can Dance: West Coast Swing.
West Coast Swing is the slower, sexier member of the Swing dance family. It is based on 6 and 8 count patterns and can easily be started on one day (although most people take the entire beginner series for 4 weeks).

Classes are held every Thursdays in Norwalk, CT and in various other locations in southern, CT and Westchester, NY.

The Beginner class is where all the fun begins! New people generally start on the first week of the month. Some food and beverages are provided at the weekly Thursday party. People socialize and get to know one another.

The classes are capped off by a dance party. There are plenty of singles, couples and even some family units. It's social and very friendly.

The Teacher is the real thing. Erik Novoa is a 3-time finalist in WCSwing and 2-time national champion in Hustle.

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