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The Name is the mission. You are 40+ ( 40 40s 40's forty or forties ) and want to get out and be social, and at the moment you are flying solo.

You can also be 50 50s 50's (fifty / fifties ), or 60 60s 60's ( sixty / sixties ).

This group aims to be a welcoming place for all. So come and join in on the fun side.

What does "Flying Solo" mean? It means that for whatever reason you are on your own at the moment.

That can mean any version of "single."(as in never married, divorced, or separated, widowed). It can also mean you are dating or in a committed relationship or even married, but you do not have your other to go out with, or they do not like certain activities. And if you want to bring a partner, . . . that's ok too. This is a big tent and all are welcome. There is more than enough space for all to enjoy being out and social. All are welcome of any age (over 40), gender, gender preference, any relationship status, religion, national origin, shoe size, belly button lint, rs40 etc . . .


What this does mean is this is a social group not a singles group. If your main goal is to pick up, hook up, or otherwise hit on people, there are other groups for you. This in intended as a place to make and meet new friends, as well as to spend time and company with existing friends too. In other words this is a an open, welcoming friendly, inclusive and supportive community. If you are on the right side / rightside of life then you are just right for us. <br>

This group established Sept 2007 and is the longest running 40 + meetup in LA, and on all of Meetup!!! Any others are imitations.

As it turns out imitation is a sincere form of flattery. So if you are interested intimation or flattery: there is that. If you like meetups that focus on heavy drinking Happy Hours, or just events in general that the main stated focus is cheap drinks early in the day on usually a weekday, . . . please seek out that group. If you wish good decent social with even better quality people . . . . just come to our next event. <br>

About the group. It's a decent place with even better people. There is really only one rule:

"Do not contact (message) members you have not met in real life."

Truly it very often applies toward guys that need this reminder. But to be fair the same info and request is sent to all. The group is intended for real life over virtual. Come to events and make real connection in real life. <br>

MeetUp in the MeeToo age. Yes!!! The two are not at odds. In fact this is to be embraced. There was another meetup where the organizer was banned from Meetup by Meetup for his activities/actions, and removed from his group. The organizer returned to run the group incognito. Meetup then removed the group completely and removed the organizer second time. Meetup will only know of actions by an organizer or members if it is reported. If you have an issue to report, . . . report it to Organizers AND to Meetup.

If you get contact from group members you have not met in real life please report to me. I will follow up on it in a discreet way and deal with it. <br> <br>This rule applies here and to select other groups to establish a safe online and off-line culture.

Here is where else this rule applies: <br> <br

! ! ! wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !™


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