Downriver GBWA Singles (Getting Better With Age 55+)

Trenton, United States
96 Members

We are a group of 55+ singles! This is NOT a dating site! You must post a recent photo of only yourself on the profile. This is for the security of all group members.

Retired or getting ready? Don't want to be a couch potato? We're the group for you. We do a lot of activities every month and meetup for dinner, on Wednesdays, every week. Great food, great conversation and great people. If dinner, dancing, movies, plays, karoake (don't worry, you can cheer us on if you don't karoake!)and music are some of your likes, join us. If there are activities you would like to do we are always open for new adventures. We are part of the website, we (I as Organizer) are charged for the use of this site. Some Meetup groups charge dues, we don't do that, instead we ask that each member who attends a dinner or activity donates $1 at that time. We will never charge "dues". It just seems more fair to pay as we go. 

This group has a policy that after you join the group if you do not attend any events over a four month time, you will be considered inactive and will be removed from the Membership List due to inactivity.

If you RSVP YES and do not show up at the event, after this happens three times you, will be removed from the Membership List. If your not interested in an event please RSVP NO. Thank you


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