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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Discover the reels, jigs and strathspeys of Scottish Country Dancing (SCD), and find out why British psychologists have claimed that Scottish Country Dancing is better than sex!*

You don't have to be Scottish to enjoy doing the dances from Scotland. SCD is practiced on every continent (including Antarctica) and is a popular past time for people of many ages and backgrounds.

Join to stay fit, or to become a part of the global SCD scene which offers world-wide classes and events including schools, formal balls, social gatherings, cruises and travel tours.

You don't need a partner, nor any experience. Our workshops and classes are all open to beginners - so come as you are, with a pair of flat, comfortable shoes. You will join with qualified teachers and more advanced dancers to learn the footwork and formations.

Once you've learnt some of the basics, come along to a social dance or ball to experience the thrill of dancing with other people in a great atmosphere.

For a preview, try looking up Scottish Country Dancing on youtube...

*For more information on psychological and physical health benefits, see:


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