Wonderful Women Social Club - Sheffield & South Yorks.

Sheffield, United Kingdom
65 Members


Unlike some other social groups in Sheffield, we are a social club just for women.  That does not mean we don't like men!  It just means that we want to make friends with other women and have a full, fun and friendly social life.  It may be that your friends are all paired up or you work from home, or maybe you have just moved to the area for work or study, you might be single, divorced, widowed, married, partnered, have children or not, and you would enjoy the company of like-minded women in a fun and relaxed social atmosphere. Our age range is from around 25-65!  But we welcome any woman of any age and we are definitely not stuffy or WI!

We organise and host a variety of social events that should appeal to everyone and provide the opportunity to get together on a regular basis and make new friendships. Our socials include - lunches, brunches and dinners, cinema and theatre, walks, shopping trips, days out, spa days, nights out, dancing, music events, wine tasting, book clubs, weekends away and much more.

Joining a social group can be daunting but whatever your circumstances, we are a friendly club of women and will give you a warm welcome and lots of social opportunities.

Profile requirements.

To join us, you need to complete a basic profile with a clear photo of your face, so we know you are real! And so our hosts can recognise you at events and welcome you.


We have a yearly membership fee of £24 which is renewed each January or £12 if you join from July onwards.  You are given 3 weeks from the date you join to try out the club and then your membership fee will be requested.  Failure to pay the fee results in deletion from the club.

You can use the paypal button on the home screen to the left, or transfer direct via paypal to our email address: jmgreen@tnsi.com If you don't use PayPal, then please contact me for other ways to pay.


Any members can host and organise socials if they wish. So if you are outgoing, sociable and have good organisation skills, please get in touch.


A 'No Show' is where a person signs up for a social and then does not show up or let the organiser know!  We ask that you please let us know if you can't make it to a social for whatever reason and more importantly amend your RSVP so it frees up the space for someone else.  3 'no shows' without amendment to the RSVP and your membership will be suspended.


 This club is for social events only, so please do not use this form to advertise your business or services as you will be removed.


So what are you waiting for?!  Our club is growing day by day and we hope you too will join us at 'Wonderful Women' . We're sure you'll have a great time making friends and enjoying the varied social events.


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