75Corridor Non-drinking Singles

Garland, United States
706 Members

We are a group of singles, born 1960-1985, who live along or near the U.S. Highway 75 Corridor (Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Plano, Allen, McKinney), and who like to have good, clean fun without alcohol!  Movies, dancing, museums, dinners, Shakespeare in the Park, and local festivals are just some of the things you can expect.  All movies and other events are PG-13 or cleaner.

We do have our group set up as "private" -- but only for security purposes.  Anyone who fits the intended demographic group can join, but a relatively recent photo of you from which you can be recognized at events is required.  We'd hate to miss you at one of our meetups just because we didn't know what you looked like!  As a "private" meetup group, neither your profile picture nor group photos will be viewable by non-members.

Note that this group is for nice, clean-living people and our membership is actively managed.  Anyone who is rude or mean, who trolls event or member pages making negative comments, or who "creeps out" other members (via e-mailing members they've never met; e-mailing, posting, or saying lewd or otherwise inappropriate things; posting naked, sexually suggestive, or otherwise inappropriate pictures; stalking; being part of swingers', poly, hook-up, or otherwise explicitly sexual groups (inside or outside of Meetup if we find out); being part of occult, psychic, or other "woo" groups; or with criminal histories) will be denied membership or removed from membership.  Likewise, anyone who is a member of an alcohol-centric or drug-centric group or who has alcohol listed in their interests will be denied membership or removed from membership, since that kind of person is not a good fit for our group.  We want this group to be a place where our members can feel comfortable and safe and find like-minded friends.

We hope you'll be a good fit for our group!


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