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We dance New England contradances in Montreal, usually on the first Sunday and the Fourth Saturday of each of the winter months. We get a different combination from among the world's best callers and musicians to call and play for us each month. In a contradance each couple dances with a series of other couples following the caller's guidance and the live music. It's great fun; you don't need to come with a partner; it's easy (each dance evening begins with a half-hour initiation session); and beginners are always welcome.

To read up about Contra dance, see:

To see what contra looks like, here is a video of our November 2017 dance:

and here is one from two years ago:

Check out our website:

And our Facebook page:

Come and join us.  We have a sliding scale admission fee based upon your ability to contribute to our community dances.

Tips for First-timers:   Bring water.  Wear comfortable clothes that keep you cool.  Bring a pair of comfy dancing shoes, so you don’t have to wear your gritty street shoes out on the dance floor.  Find an experienced dancer to show you the ropes for your first dance.  Don’t be afraid to go alone or dive in!


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