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Welcome to TC-KMDC!

Here, participative members suggest events and share where events are happening. Connect with active diversified buddies for karaoke, music, dancing, concerts etc. Build camaraderie n confidence together. Maybe start our own band group some day? ;)

We invite Diversity! It makes it all the more fun! This interactive group is more than just about karaoke singing or listening to others' techniques & delivery and building confidence together.We can share private KTV room rentals where you take turns to try your vocals singing in multiple languages, sharing how songs from different ethnicity are belted out passionately! We also share & learn about the love of one another's music, diversified dancing and attending concerts together.

There is a nominal $6/annual subscription fee. This is to sift for genuinely active participative members. We're not looking for lots of inactive members but great camaraderie from a smaller inclusive group who is comfortable suggesting and seeking what we mutually like to participate, get out have loads of together & know we ALWAYS take care of one another. It can be local, national or international events!

Once you are a paid member, shoot me an email when u can join us at a Monthly Meet & Eat Potluck, usually the last Friday of the month at TC-KDMC HQ in Crystal. This is to get to know one another better, especially when we need to collect money in advance if you rsvp yes for a concert or an event when we need to pay to secure seats together or make reservations for out-of-town lodging, rentals, deposits etc. There is a no refund policy but ample time given to plan your time off so you can Save The Dates!

Thinking of going to a gig or event, why don't you "Suggest a Meetup?" It takes only 3 members to RSVP to announce the event. Please try to RSVP 48 hrs ahead so others know who to look out for in our group, and where all the action is!!!

Need to reach me, shoot me an email. Otherwise see you all some time soon!



P/S: If you are wondering why we had so many pics and past events, it's because I inherited them when I took over from the Organizer of Karaoke of Twin Cities on 7/11/14.


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