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The "Dancing with the Stars" series has sprouted new and enduring interest in ballroom dancing; health practitioners are promoting dancing as a healthy exercise for physical fitness as well as prevention of dementia and Alzheimers. I remember the joy at age 11 learning the 2-step (poor man's fox trot?) to "You Belong to Me" and the hesitation waltz to "Tennessee Waltz" at Francisco Jr. High in San Francisco; later the thrill of "getting it" after learning to jitterbug, and still later the mambo and cha cha cha made me move as I didn't know I could. Dancing can be very satisfying, never boring. Today, I meet "super" seniors on the dance floor who are over 90 and you'd never guess their age. Usually they've danced all their lives, but some didn't learn until they retired in their 60's. A pleasure to meet younger dancers as well; I tell the sons and grandsons of friends that - if they can dance, they will meet girls and may have a different girl in their arms every few minutes. So get them dancing; it will enrich their lives! "Bay Are Dancing for Singles and Couples" has no limit on age nor marital status. To coin a cliche, some of my best friends are couples ;-D

As a youngster, the dance teacher taught us, when a gentleman asks you for a dance, the response is, "I would be delighted" - hence our name, "Delighted Dancers".


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