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Welcome, I love the city and its beauty. If you have just landed in Chicago and want to explore the beautiful city join us. This group's focus is primarily on nightlife and Soundbar patrons.  This is purely a get together for social drinking and dancing, meet and greet and network in the early hours in a relaxed environment.  By popular demand and meetup member request these Soundbar events are absolutely FREE.  We will be clubbing at Chicago's upscale Nightclub on weekends and getting to know new members and reconnecting with old members.  I am an event host at Soundbar and I invite all meetup VIPs to attend weekend events at Soundbar and connect with each other and in the past these events have been bringing meetup members build a great community. In addition to Soundbar events we will have yoga, tai chi, fall workouts, self defense, and cyber security networking events and more, announcing launch of awesome cyber security company Inconel Pro Events.  Check out our company website at

In summer we may be attending downtown events, few seasonal festivals and occasionally seeing fireworks.  We are all very busy but we want this to be a very eventful group.  You need a proper photo of yourself to join this group.  NO scenic, celebrity, sketchy photos of side shots, group must be able to identify you when you RSVP and attend events.  We are a very fun and safe group.  We do not welcome any sketchy characters!

Thank you


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