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Love to discover new music from everywhere? Want to connect with great musicians from around the globe and other (world) music lovers from around Boston? My goal is for this group to be the place where you can meet-up with other like-minded and go to the diverse and eclectic international live music scene happening in all of New England! This group is not more mine than yours. Anyone can organize a meet-up just email me and I'll have you as an assistant organizer or change a posted event to be a meet-up. I try to keep the calendar up to date but please keep me informed if you know about an event that I missed. I am a musician and I have a passion for traditional and contemporary North-African music. I also love all traditional dances and acoustic Indian and African music as well as salsa, samba, jazz...Anything that moves me! What is the music that moves and touches you?

Joining the group, policies, etc..

After a new member come to a meet-up, if he or she decide to stick with the group they will have to participate a mandatory $5 once a year contribution.

This is to help me pay for the site maintenance fees. You can always look at the group finances by going and clicking on the "tools" tag and then to the "money".

If you RSVP to an event but don't show up - without taking the time to let the event organizer know - there is a good chance that you will be expelled from the group. Please understand that, event organizers are not paid (no one is) but take some of their valuable time and sometime put quite a lot of effort to organize a meet-up. You have to let them know if you cannot make it at the last minute, it's only fair and polite.

That's about it! I hope that does not sound too harsh...really we are a bunch of nice and gentle music lovers people!

See you at a show!

Jacques Pardo


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