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If you love salsa, or think you'd like to "give it a try", you've found the right group.  Some of our members are experienced Salseros, while others are just starting out...but when we're all together for a night of dancing in Westchester, WE ALL HAVE FUN!   We offer SALSA On1, SALSA On2 and BACHATA Classes for beginners through advanced; and SALSA DANCING in Westchester 2-3 NIGHTS EVERY WEEK.  We have LIVE SALSA BANDS too...so don't forget to check out our CALENDAR to see the schedule.  Come with a partner or without...either way you'll be dancing to the HOT sounds of SALSA, meeting new people, and having FUN!  Please join us...everyone, and all styles of SALSA are WELCOME...and it's

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