The Love Hub - Connection Events for Spiritual Singles

London, United Kingdom
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The Love Hub is the perfect place for singles who'd like to:

  • meet other spiritual singles more consciously

  • learn more about dating, attraction and relationship

  • experience more confidence, success and fun around dating

  • gain communication skills

  • relax and have fun with others through our fun bonding games

  • learn how to ask someone for a date and to say no to a date compassionately

  • learn to overcome the fear of dating

  • design their own relationship vision


Through connection exercises we offer our members the chance to engage with the other gender in a fun way. There is also an educational piece to our events where we together explore dating, attraction and relationship, and how to make dating more enjoyable.

During our events you will have the opportunity to connect with others, and exchange details if you wish, in a safe way.

Age ranges 30-65 and average age is late 30's to mid 40's.





  • I really enjoyed the afternoon as I now got a much greater awareness of what's important to me in a relationship - Anonymous

  • A great opportunity to get more honest with yourself about what you expect from dating and some options for going about it compassionately. It was helpful to hear about other people's experiences with dating too - Anonymous

  • It's really great for gently leading you into a comfortable level of intimacy without crossing personal boundaries - Craig Robb


About the Facilitators:

Anna Nathan

After completing her BSc in Psychology and Social Anthropology, Anna trained extensively as a Play Therapist for children with autism and then as a Certified Ayurvedic Medicine practitioner.  She's a keen dancer with a love for Lindy Hop, Lambada, Swing and Tango, plus a long standing devotion to 5 rhythms.  Tantra has a big place in Anna's heart too, and she has been a practitioner of this sacred practice for several years. She's currently in tantra training with Jan Day.  By day Anna is a Relationship Manager for a successful tantra teacher, runs a women's group, teaches Kundalini Yoga and is the loving nanny to a cuddly 6-year-old.  Anna' s unusual work history includes youth work with at-risk teens, sushi sous cheffing and being a magician's assistant!  She is the co-founder and co-creator of Cuddle Workshops & Love Hub Events and lives in London.

"My perfect date would be going out dancing together, and then off to a cafe for something to eat before having a gentle walk in the moonlight..."

Daniela Eichberger - born in Vienna, Austria, Dani has studied Tourism Marketing and Management in Vienna and moved to London in 2001 where she started working in the hotel industry for hotels like Hilton and Holiday Inn. Dani is passionate about business development and works as Sales & Training Manager during the day and turns into a Spiritual Events Manager, Events Facilitator and Relationship Coach at night time and during weekends.

Dani's passion over the past 9 years has been the exploration of dating, relations


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