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The 'DANCES' OF 'UNIVERSAL' PEACE, Sacred Circle Dance, & Sufi Dance ARE

actually walking meditations done in a circle, exchanging symbolic gestures which celebrate each other (like whispering a blessing in each other's ear, playing an invisible instrument, putting our hand on each others heart, reaching our hands to the sun, blessing each other's aura, etc,...) --which are done while singing or chanting, though many of us dance instead of walk. In 'Dances Of Universal Peace' songs/chants (often 'Devotional Songs') are in all languages & 'gestures' are either shared with another as u walk past each other in the circle (these are called 'partnered' dances), or u do gestures to the air as u walk singly around the circle. Sufi Dances are primarily 'partnered' dances, & the songs/chants are primarily in English. Sacred Circle Dances can be either. Gestures & songs are inspired by all of the earth's folk, spiritual, cultural, & wisdom traditions, set to music of our joined voices combined with live acoustic music.

These are mind, body, spirit practices that brings us in touch with our sacred selves in an environment that allows us to celebrate the sacredness in each other. We sing & 'dance' together for peace within ourselves & the world. By singing in the spirit of the many traditions of the world we help bring healing to cultural divisions that have for centuries driven our world to wars. When we 'dance' face to face, we're not just 'dancing' with the person in front of us, but also with what is universal in the spirit of all of us. The simple acts of joining hands, lifting our voices, looking deeply into the eyes of other human beings, moving to the rhythms of music, create a sense of belonging to a greater community.

The ‘dances’ are a ritual where we share the universal parts of the diverse traditions of the world; or what is simply there in each of us, in the essence of our spirit & the universe around us, that which brings us to the place where there is no division between us & the divine: bliss, connection, understanding, compassion, beauty, etc.

We also host CREATIVE, INSPIRATIONAL, HOLISTIC, &/OR SACRED --ACTIVITY SHARING GATHERINGS for this community: Egalitarian --everyone welcome to co-lead: Includes the dances/songs + creative, holistic, inspirational &/or sometimes humorous interactive, multidisciplinary activities, journeys, rituals, celebrations, practice sharing, sometimes Potluck. SUBSTANCE FREE. As much as possible we meet OUTDOORS living fully ~*ALIVE*~ in the temple of our mind, body, & spirit! For people looking for a deeper, more meaningful experience in life, to live in new contexts, who wish to make long time deep friends of the soul, regularly uplifting each other’s spirit sharing ...experiences where we support the manifestation of each other’s dreams, & ~*CELEBRATE*~ each other!: Continuously discovering & co-creating diverse rituals, traditions, practices, holidays, projects, new resources, inventing solutions, etc… to explore, enrich, manifest, & evolve the infinite, positive potentials of human beings & our world… & our interaction with the universe. <br> <br> DAYLIGHT WEEKDAY, EVENING, & WEEKEND meetups!No experience is necessary to attend, just a willingness to open your heart to the sacredness of each other.

~*All of these gatherings are for people committed to a positive, benign, life path.*~

We celebrate friendship, collaboration/cocreation, & leadership from people of any background no matter their: style choices, shape, lifestyle, state of fitness, educational background, financial situation, age, skin color, sexual preferences, spiritual path, behavior preference ( hyper people, quiet people...), etc... :) :) :) <br>

Our focus is around sharing experiences together in the real world, not spending time reading & typing on the internet: The only way to *really* meet this community is by coming to our in-person gatherings & celeb


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