Salsa Night in Oakville! Noche de Salsa en Oakville!

Oakville, Canada
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We love to host Salsa Night to teach, enjoy, dance and share our wonderful Salsa with people who like it or want to learn more about it (Although mostly salsa, we do alternate with a bit of Bachata, Rumba, Merengue, Cha Cha, Cha etc.). 

A $15 cover charge applies to everybody attending Salsa Night (Unless there is a DJ in which case is $20 p/p) to recoup expenses of space, instructors and staff members payable at the cashier in the cafe. Lessons are held in the adjacent studio that we call "El Salon".

FREE non-alcoholic cold drinks (it gets hot!) are included with the cover charge and FREE parking is always available both in front and directly behind the units. Please DO NOT park behind the Denninger's plaza (even if empty at night) or the near Sobeys plaza as they may tow your car.

Thank you for your support so we can continue hosting this fun group!

Our location is always TASTE OF COLOMBIA Fair Trade Coffee & Gift Shop:

67 Bronte Road, Units #2 (cafe) and Units #3 (El Salon) (Map here)

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

(289) 837-3021

Regular Format: 

6 pm: Salsa night starts (please register at the cashier with your name and cover charge) 

6 to 7 pm: BEGINNERS lesson (everybody is welcome but we are focusing ONLY in beginner steps) so everybody has enough time to learn or review the basic steps.

7 to 7:30 pm: Dance break! 30 minutes of dancing time so you get those moves going! Good time to ask individual questions to the instructor.

7:30 to 8:30 pm: INTERMEDIATE lesson for those who are beyond beginner level. Everybody is welcome to try the moves and practice, practice, practice!

8:30 to 9 pm = Introduction to other latin dances such as Merengue / Bachata / Cha - Cha or Rumba (the group can choose or request any instructor). Sometimes we have demos or presentations too. 

9 til 11 p.m. SOCIAL DANCE!!!! Practice your moves until you drop!!!! We will play a mix of salsa, bachata, merengue, rumba, cha-cha and cumbia for you to dance to the best music!

Any questions, suggestions, please feel to to talk to Yury (also call or text in Spanish or English) 416-568-5707


On August 26th, 1971 New York City gave birth to a sound that would change the face of Latin music forever. That evening at the renown Cheetah Nightclub, The FANIA ALL-STARS hit the stage with their unique sound that would echo across all borders and reach all countries. The music that was played that night would forever change Latin music. This film (Our Latin Thing) shot all over Spanish Harlem in New York City, explores the musical celebrations of the city's Puerto Rican population. Among the many artists featured are Johnny Pacheco, Pete 'El Conde' Rodriguez, and Ismael Miranda. Featuring mostly musical performances, this Spanish-language film has English subtitles for the few occasions when a narration is provided. One of the delights of this film is the uncensored glimpse it gives into this lively and highly musical community. This free form film classic is now fully remastered with much improved sound. Now available 40 years later and more relevant than ever.


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