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Hi Everyone,

My Name is Sam, Welcome to MMAC Maestro Music Arts Center & Dance Class Lets Dance - School of Arts your one stop center for Fitness, Education, Music & Much More IN ABUDHABI 0505346036

At My Cappa Dance Academy - we offer you alot of services and we are Located in Al Nahyan camp Abu Dhabi Next To Chocolala Restraunt.

For the address kindly check the links below & please hit the likes and join us.,54.3803817,18z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x3e5e662f085fca1b:0x3a11590a1bc1aa38!2sMaestro+music+and+Arts+centre!8m2!3d24.4692447!4d54.381476!3m4!1s0x3e5e662f085fca1b:0x3a11590a1bc1aa38!8m2!3d24.4692447!4d54.381476 <br> <br>

About Me:

Started dancing when i was six years old and participated in school functions, dance competitions & became a Dance Teacher in 1999 - Covering Different Types OF Dances.

Mission :- To Connect To Dance forms in every single aspect in life as a way of arts, fitness & body with mind balance.

My Awards:-

Lebanese American University Dance Teacher - 2006

Best Choreograper - UAE Dubai - Hayya Health Club / Fitness First - 2009

Counsel International Dance - Board member of UNESCO - 2012

Arts list :-

Chair Dance, Fashion Walk ,Tango, Salsa, Bachata, Meringue, Gaucho, Stepping, Stomp, Freestyle, Urban Dance, Hip-hop, Contempory. <br>Other than the list above I take care of Wedding Dances, Dance Shows, Choreography & Private Dance Lessons, Personal Training and my favorite of all is my Cappa Karma Yoga

Classes are available for All Ages.

Arts Details :-

We are a united performing arts for dance, music, filming, renting, fitness, school projects, wedding dances, rehearsals, entertainment and a school of arts for education & talent guiding along with career and certificates.

I take you into a new generation away from all the old routines, strict rules, cost and time in learning.

I am the most experienced & oldest Dance Teacher In UAE.

My Cappa Story :- we are not Black & we are not White and the only thing that connects all of us in my opinion is the color Brown. Its actually something that we all have in common or we all do; and we all drink tea with milk or cappuccino. I loved the idea and that's where I came up with the name Cappa Chino " This is the group name.

In fact the word Cappa is the energy ray like alpha beta gamma and so on. My Artistic Name is Cappa Chino.

The word Cappa is also the house of Cappas el cappo and in Spanish it means "The Boss" but here we are simply dance class lets dance but I am the boss were I help TEACH & Help put dreams In progress, build together a fun, career and fitness platform as a daily routine / healthy life style.

If you like to have an Award From Me - You get :-

A Frame Board, Scale Report, Consultancy, Education, Career Build & Guidance.

Kind Regards,

Ceo & Founder

Sam Halabi



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