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Melbourne, Australia
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    This is a fun, friendly SOCIAL group for active people from all over Melbourne with a happy, positive mind set and an outgoing nature!  This group is perfect for couples as well as singles. Although our group is open to all ages from 18 and up, currently the majority of our active members appear to be in the 40-65 age group and the majority of our activities seem to be mainly based in the Eastern to far Eastern suburbs but this may change over time.  

    Events we have on offer are our Big Get Together dining event held on Sunday nights every six to eight weeks or so at Leighoak Club in Oakleigh, other dining events, trivia, singles dancing events, bush walks, karaoke, board games, movies, stargazing, tennis, table tennis, meditation, yoga and anything else our 100 plus event organisers can dream up.  The majority of our events are activity based and although there are plenty of opportunities to dine out, more often than not there will usually be some kind of activity associated with the dining experience. 

    All members are encouraged to suggest events for the calendar and once a new member suggests an event deemed appropriate for our group (self-promotional events specifically designed to line the host's pockets without permission are excluded) they will be upgraded to Event Host status, 

    Membership is FREE. All you need to do to join is to: -

    • Provide a close up head shot of you and only you for your HPP profile. This is a NON-NEGOTIABLE requirement to help our 100+ event organisers identify you at events and for you to be able to identify them.  Think passport photo with a smile.  Please click  PHOTO REQUIREMENTS for examples of what we need and to also see what won't be accepted.  As Meetup uses your general account image for joining, if this is something other than a head-shot photo of just you, you will need to change this immediately on your HPP profile after joining.   All applicants sit in pending until approved or declined and you will be given at the very least 2 hours to update your profile image to the required head-shot image or you will be declined.   A quick selfie clearly showing your head and face with a smart-phone is perfectly acceptable.  Being a professional photographer, if we catch up at an event where I have my camera, I am happy to take a nice photo of you so you can update later.

    • Thoughtfully answer the profile membership questions preferably in detail.  We want to get to know you better. 


    • Be reliable.  If you book into a hosted event you either must show up for it or let the host/ess know in plenty of time if you can't make it.  Please read our NO SHOW POLICY.

    • Bring the most cheerful version of yourself to all of our events leaving negative baggage at home and treat all other members with kindness, courtesy and respect.

    • Show an ongoing interest in our group by checking in every now and again.  This doesn't mean attending events.  It just means looking at our calendar every now and then.  Members who haven't logged in to even look at our web page for six months or more may be automatically removed as it will be assumed our group has nothing of interest to you or you have moved away.  Please note, you will always be welcome to return if this occurs if you find time for us.

    For more information about our group, please click NEW MEMBER INFORMATION which can also be found under Discussions.

    We look forward to meeting you. :)


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