Vancouver Social Club

Vancouver, Canada
2518 Members

The Vancouver Social Club is one of more popular social groups on Meetup in the Greater Vancouver area. We believe in good clean fun, doing things together, making new friends, mingling, just simply enjoying group events whether it be in dancing, eating, hiking, comedy events, sports, music or other activities. We also encourage our members to co-host events to provide opportunity for greater variety and participation.

Vancouver Social Club is a non-profit meetup group. It is not being run as a business or for commercial purposes. It is not a dating website although some of our members may be interested in dating and relationships, or... bubble tea for that matter... Lol ;-)

Safety and good behaviour

As a recent policy, real photos and real first names are required. Generally accepted rules of responsible social behaviour, ethics and good social etiquette are expected of all members. It is an honour system that is supported by feedback from other members, other organizers and public information via various social media. If you don't agree or don't respect others then you are definitely not suitable for this group and will be removed.

It is all about having fun for everyone involved. Looking forward to seeing each and every one of you!

Thank you!


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